Self-Care Series Part Three

Self-Care For Today’s Woman

Part Three: Personal Self-Care



This blog series is for all women, single, married, and in between. I am Coach Marlene, known as the dating coach for single women.

If you are a new reader of my blogs or a regular reader, I frequently write about issues that apply to all women and women of any age..

My mission is to help ALL women become the very best versions of themselves and live their best lives.

I am a big supporter and advocate for women to establish a self-care program in their daily routines. It’s a must!

It’s one of the essential habits that establishes the goal of being your best self and offering it to the world around you.

In Part One of this series, we looked at self-care blind spots and how to prevent them from sabotaging successful results.

In Part One, we looked at the first steps to change.

In Part Two, we looked at how the lack of self-care leads to unhappiness.

In Part Three, we’ll look at balancing self-care with a busy life.

So, let’s get started!


Balancing Self-Care with a Busy Life

The most challenging in self-care is finding the time to fit it in. Your days already don’t have enough hours to do everything. How will you find the extra time to look after yourself?

So, how can you balance practicing self-care with a busy lifestyle? Here, you’ll discover some great tips you can follow. 


Schedule it  

When you set a time to focus on yourself, you are likelier to stick to it. It helps if you’re already in the habit of scheduling your day, week, or both.

Adding and scheduling ensure you can fit self-care into your busy routine no matter how busy you think you are.

There will be time for self-care somewhere in your schedule. Instead of a mindset that there is no time, decide to find a way to work it in.

Look at it as one of the essential times; give it a high priority, which will help you get it on that schedule.

Spend some time with this. Don’t rush to fill some time somewhere on that full schedule.

This is for you, so let’s start with you. Give this some thought. What part or time of the day do you feel you most need a moment? 

A refresh, that lull in the day. We all have it. We are at our lowest energy. Make a note of when that time occurs for you.

When do you crave that alone time during the morning, day, or evening? A time you have all to yourself. Some of you never even know alone time is okay. 

You may live alone and have more time than you care to have. On the other hand, you possibly crave more interactions with other people.

What part of the day are you at your absolute best? You feel the best, your energy level is great, your peak of the day. What part of the day do you think is the lull in your day?

Where are these different times of the day for you? Make a note after each one, and then look at your current schedule and start working from there.

When would you most like to fit time in for you? You can make it work, and it may require moving a few things around or dropping some things from your schedule altogether.

Don’t be afraid to test them a few times and see how they work for you. There is nothing wrong with moving around your self-care time.

It’s for you, and you can customize it to fit your busy schedule any way you wish, including different times on different days. It’s all okay.  

I have included more good tips to help you along the way. 


Establishing a Morning Routine

If you struggle to find the best time to practice self-care, you might find it easier in the morning.

You could get up just 15 or 30 minutes earlier if you’re a busy parent. It can be the perfect opportunity to practice self-care.

Alternatively, if you are a parent, you could focus on self-care in the evenings when the kids have gone to bed.

It doesn’t take long to practice self-care, so you should always be able to squeeze it in somewhere.

If you are a single woman and looking for more connections with others, both mornings and evenings can work out great.

Gyms and fitness centers are a hub of activity before morning business work hours; the same happens in the evening after the business day ends.


Automating Daily Tasks

All kinds of tools and gadgets can automate various aspects of our lives. If you are constantly busy, it can be a game-changer.

Automation isn’t something just done in businesses. More and more busy households are utilizing automation.

Online ordering has become a standard grocery shopping method in the last several years.

This in itself can free up a great deal of time. Sometimes several hours for one shopping trip.

Another common form of automation is hiring a virtual assistant. Again, it’s not just used in business.

Virtual assistance can carry out many tasks, such as scheduling various appointments.

They can remind you of appointments or upcoming events. They can take your incoming calls and also return calls for you.

You can assign many things to a virtual assistant to free up time and make your life much easier.

Don’t forget other family members who can free up much time to use on self-care.

Suppose you have children and assign them various age-appropriate tasks. Husbands can grocery shop, clean up the kitchen after dinner, or even cook dinner. 

Don’t forget to get everyone to chip in to weekly housework. That can free up time to do something fun for the whole family. 

As you can see, numerous ways to free up time to create a valuable self-care regime exist. 

Throughout the years, I’ve shown many women how to carve out time for themselves. I’ve learned from these ladies they needed to be told it was okay to do this. 


Start Small

You don’t have to start by completely overhauling your lifestyle. Instead, you can start small with self-care.

Take 10 minutes each day to focus on a self-care activity. Focus on developing one positive self-care habit at a time.

Once you have mastered that, you can move on to the next task. Starting small makes it easier to fit self-care into your busy life.

I encourage at least 30 minutes a day. If this is not possible, any time you can start is a start. Add to the time as you can.

The truth is, however much time you can free up for self-care is enough. Once you get started, you’ll find it easier to start adding time.

Once you start focusing more on self-care, you’ll automatically look for more ways to add time due to the benefits you experience.

Overall, balancing practicing self-care with a busy lifestyle isn’t easy. However, the tips above can help.

You’ll also find many tips online from busy people like you. Remember, self-care is essential to your health and well-being.

So, no matter how busy you are, you should always try and make time for self-care daily.

So, there you have Part Three of this series.

Let’s check on Part Four and see what it has in store.


But before we go, always remember to

Be true to your magnificent self,
Coach Marlene

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