11 Ways to Avoid Weight Gain During the Holidays

How to prepare in advance

By Marlene Wagner



Chances are you read that title and chuckled. You’re probably thinking, “That’s as doable as Santa going down millions of chimneys on Christmas Eve.”

But what if we told you it could be done? It’s all about Mindset. Let’s face it we all have thoughts about the parties, the food, the cocktails, and the fun we’ll have.

After the holidays’ you have that 10 lb weight gain from all “that fun eating and drinking,” and you want to kill yourself.

Well, not literally, but you weigh and hate yourself.

I’ve been there, so I know what I talk of. I’m no different than anyone of you. It’s an ongoing battle with the scale.

But I was fortunate to learn it was all about Mindset a long time ago. I changed my thoughts about holidays and special occasions throughout the year.

Therefore, I have proven it can be done, and you can do it too.

Be patient with yourself. It may not all change overnight, but we can start right now.

The holidays are looming right around the corner, and all the festivities are starting soon.

What if you had some science-backed techniques to help you? Then, would you believe me?

That same science-backed technique is non other than our Mindset. Yes, I said Mindset.

Just what is it I mean by Mindset?

A mindset is looking at the holidays or special events of all the food and drinks and eating with complete abandonment like there is no tomorrow.

The opposite Mindset is a decision. You look forward to the holidays’ festivities or special events with everyone you get to see and enjoy.

You’ll experience a large variety of foods to sample and enjoy a special holiday cocktail—everything in moderation.

In the morning, you’ll feel good from not overeating and won’t have to fear the dreaded spike in weight when it’s all over with.

The best gift you can give yourself is improving your relationship with food.

What have you got to lose?

Following are 11 top ways to avoid gaining weight during the holidays. We all know what they are, and it’s just a reminder that helps you make your plan.


Be Realistic

We already know the holidays are all about great parties and delicious food.

Pretending that you’re going to eat only one Christmas cookie is the opposite of realistic.

Acknowledge that you’ll eat more than you usually do and that you need to set some boundaries.

Write down attainable goals and post them on your dresser or fridge. It’s a start in shifting your Mindset.

Seeing them daily will give you the power and confidence to apply your goals.


Make Smart Choices

An hour before attending a party or event, snack on high-fiber foods, veggies, and proteins. All these will keep you feeling full for longer.

Use smaller plates. You’ll be forced to eat smaller portions. I’m big on using smaller plates.

I eat most of my food on smaller plates when I have a choice and always when eating at home.

Another smart choice is to chew slowly. We know that parties aren’t the best place to savor each bite.

If you try it, you’ll notice how delicious everything is and feel full quicker.

If you tend to be impulsive and reach for that cookie or piece of fudge, pause for a moment and ask yourself if it’s worth it.

Identify what foods are your weakness. For some, it’s the cake, cookies, fudges, and candy. Or do you find it hard to use restraints with all the holiday cocktails?

For others, it’s the high carbs, chips and dip, mac and cheese, pasta, and potato salads.

What is yours? You don’t want to give up enjoying it entirely!

Try smaller portions. To your surprise, you might find it satisfying, and you avoid feeling stuffed.

If you really want it go ahead. It’s the holidays. Don’t be too hard on yourself, but you may change your mind and reach for something healthier.


Give Out Parting Gifts

It’s an all-time favorite of mine when hosting a party with piles of leftovers.

Instead of dealing with all the leftover food, why not pass them out as parting gifts?

I love this and always provide a care package for my guests to take home.

Invest in disposable food containers, fill them up, and hand them out as your guests leave.

Pick containers with a holiday theme to earn extra hostess points.

Add some fun and let each guest fill their own with their favorites from the evening.


Go Easy on The Alcohol

When you consume alcoholic beverages, you’re loading up on extra calories without even realizing it.

A regular beer has about 153 calories, while a glass of wine has about 133 calories.

Not only that, but excessive drinking makes you act irresponsibly, especially around food.

Let’s say you’d generally eat just a couple of snacks here and there.

However, you’re more likely to throw caution to the wind when you’re inebriated.

You may end up gobbling a plate full of whatever you can get your hands on.

Come morning, you will regret what you did to yourself.

You will feel physically miserable most of the day and disappointed in yourself.


Freeze Leftovers

You can keep the extras if you don’t feel right about giving your guests leftovers.

But don’t keep them in the fridge. Freeze them instead.

You’ll be less likely to reach for second helpings. Plus, you’ll have a ready-to-serve dinner for a later date.


Drink Water

Water is a bit under-appreciated. Sure, it’s colorless and odorless. But it provides us with so many health benefits.

Since we’re focusing on avoiding weight gain today, let’s start with that.

Drinking water regularly throughout the day will help you feel full, and you don’t eat as much in the long run.

More importantly, it’s not filled with artificial sugars that increase caloric intake. Limit yourself to one glass of soda, juice, or wine each day.

Then, for the rest of the day, stick to water. You’ll feel less on edge and worn out because water washes out toxins from your body.


Chew Gum

Can chewing gum curb your appetite? The jury’s still out on that one.

But it’s an excellent way to distract yourself. Your mouth is already busy chewing one thing, so you’ll be less likely to help yourself to seconds.

It’s great when alone, but in the company of others, if you can’t chew gum and go unnoticed, don’t do gum.

If you prefer hard candy to chewing gum, that’s okay too—a better alternative when in the company of others.


Turn Off the TV

Eating while watching TV has been linked to overeating and poor food choices.

You may be thinking these are the holidays whose watching television.

But we are watching Christmas shows and movies that accompany the holidays.

Snacking goes with watching television.

All those commercials for processed snacks and sugary drinks increase our cravings for low-nutrient junk foods.

If you must snack, choose healthily. Popcorn is always a good choice. So is fruit.


Get Your Steps In

Not all of us can go to the gym three days a week during the holidays. There’s too much on our plates as it is!

So, to make up for it, you must consciously decide to stay active. Why not use the stairs instead of the elevator?

How about parking far from the mall entrance, so you have to walk a few more steps than usual?

It’ll help burn off those extra calories.

Any physical exercise reduces stress and pent-up tension you may be feeling due to all the hustle and bustle of the holidays.



The holiday season is merry and bright, and it’s also full of stress and anxiety.

Stress usually triggers cravings and overeating.

What’s the first thing you will reach for when anxious and tense? Sugary snacks packed with carbs, of course.

Avoid making these impulsive choices by keeping healthier snacks available.

I am never without hard boiled eggs on hand. It’s incredible how quickly it can satisfy hunger. Keep fruit available that’s easy to grab and eat.

My favorites are bananas and peanut butter, apples, and cheese. You’ll be much better at resisting that cookie.

Studies show that there’s a direct link between stress-related eating and obesity. So, try some de-stressors instead of letting the holiday strain get to you.

It can be as simple as five minutes of mindful meditation or a five, to ten-minute walk.

You’ll be amazed at the benefits you’ll experience from a mini escape.

If you prefer something more hands-on, why not treat yourself to a facial? You can even get a mani-pedi while you’re at it.

After all, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, and you deserve it.

Enjoy the season and all that comes with it, including that unwanted weight gain.

Have a plan and use moderate restraints. A 10 lb weight gain may only be five lbs.

Don’t be hard on yourself. Plan on getting back on a short-term weight loss program, and you’ll be back to your goal weight in no time.


If you have any particular challenges, let me know. I’ll include it in my content.

Starting today, make yourself a priority and begin living your best life. 

But before we go, always remember to

Be true to your magnificent self,
Coach Marlene

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