Embrace Your Unique Differences

3 Reasons Why You Should

By Marlene Wagner


We are all uniquely unique. Think about some things that make you different from most other people.

People tend to view differences negatively. Have you viewed something negatively about yourself you didn’t like? We’ve all done it.

We see our differences as problems and insecurities when they are beautiful gifts and opportunities.

You might think that being much taller than everyone else is bad. Still, much shorter people look at you with admiration and envy.

Every day we learn about someone that has turned a difference into an amazing asset.

The very difference made them hugely successful and became their greatest asset.

What do you have that is different that you should fall in love with and turn into an asset?

Here are three benefits of embracing your unique self.


1 – You Will Waste No Time Worrying about What Others Think

We’ve all done it, worry about what others are thinking.

It’s a significant time-wasting behavior; sometimes, even confident people wonder what others think.

Am I dressed, okay? Maybe you don’t like or feel comfortable with what you are wearing.

Would you think about it if you loved what you wore and knew you looked great?

What others were thinking wouldn’t even cross your mind.

Does my hair look right? Hair is such a big thing, and if you don’t like how you look with certain hair, you feel everyone sees your bad hair day.

Why is that person looking at me? Do they think my car/house/income/speech is lacking somehow?

Who really cares? The truth of the matter is that most people aren’t noticing us.

Chances are they are experiencing the same thoughts wondering what others are thinking of them.

It sounds depressing when you think about how much time people spend worrying about what others are thinking.

The time we waste worrying about the opinions of others could be spent on more positive endeavors.

No matter what we do or think, we can’t please everyone. It’s even tough pleasing a few people. So why even try?

We can make so much more with our time, as time is fleeting. We don’t know if we’ll enjoy another year, another month, or even another hour of life.

Because of this, don’t waste a single minute worrying about what others think.

If the truth is known, the important people in your life love what makes you different.

The people that criticize your differences will never matter. They have issues they are trying to avoid and will find what they can criticize in others.

Kick them to the curb and spend your time thinking about how amazing you are rather than if someone might approve of you.

It’s a powerful shift in behavior.


2 – You Have More Opportunities and Experiences

The person who withdraws from society feels that his differences are a problem.

They would rather spend time alone than interact with others. 

Withdrawing means fewer opportunities in life. It’s such a fantastic world out there, don’t miss out on the wonders of it all.

Hiding away from human interaction and sheltering yourself doesn’t reveal many of the opportunities and experiences the world offers you. 

This is true not only in your career or financially speaking.

You limit the number of healthy relationships you develop when you shy away from what makes you unique.

You also might be doing the world a disservice.

Some of the most outstanding achievements in human history were provided by people who were viewed as weird and different. 


3 – More Confidence, Higher Self-Esteem, and Better Health

If you fret over what makes you different from “normal people,” your self-esteem drops.

You’ve lost any confidence you may have had, and your mental and emotional health suffers, leading to more physical stress developing in your body.

That’s a recipe for sickness, illness, and disease.

Science tells us confidence skyrockets when you accept what makes you different or unique.

You learn to love the person you see in the mirror.

It triggers a magical and automatic process that promotes more feelings of happiness, fulfillment, and less stress and anxiety.

Embracing your differences makes you healthier in mind, body, and emotions.

You were made with differences for a reason. And what you might see as different might not even appear on someone else’s radar.

You may see something that isn’t there or distorted by what you see.

Start embracing who you are. Every day tell yourself how beautiful and fabulous you are.

Smile at yourself every morning and every time you see your reflection. Smile, throw yourself a kiss, and high-five yourself in the mirror.

Be you. The rewards for being your unique self are powerful and can help you live your best life.

I’ll leave you with this last thought. Think of ways you can turn your difference into your greatest asset.  

It’s the very reason you’ve been given that difference because it’s supposed to become your greatest asset.


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Starting today, make yourself a priority and begin living your best life. 

But before we go, always remember to

Be true to your magnificent self,
Coach Marlene

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