The #1 Secret to Ensure Midlife Dating Success

The Ultimate Guide To Midlife Dating

 by Marlene Wagner


 What Do You Want?

I’ve worked with many women without a clue or clarity on the type of man they want.   How can you find something when you don’t know what you’re looking for?

How would you even know if you found it? Women spend more time planning a vacation or yearly wardrobe than on something as important as a lifelong mate.


In this article, I will show you how you can create the ideal man and relationship.

 I will discuss how you can gain clarity on what you want in a man and what you want an ideal relationship to look like.

We will discuss how you can know precisely what you are looking for before you get out there and start dating again. Or if you are dating and experiencing dating disasters, you can change all that now.


I believe most relationships and marriages are by default.

What do I mean by default? You’re dating to meet a man you can fall in love with and have a relationship with.   That’s usually how it starts.

You’re looking for the “hot” guy you hope will rock your boat. You know, the tall, good, looking one.

Usually, that’s about as far as your wish list for a relationship goes. I know I’ve done it, too, so I know what I’m talking about.

The tall, hot guy makes his move, you connect, and he’s swept you off your feet before the first few hours have come to an end.

By the second date, you are already having sex, and because you can’t be apart, you now move in together.

That is often how a default relationship begins.

After several months you still don’t know one another, at least the essential things you should know about each other.

Eventually, the passion settles down, and you settle in for the long term. Things are not perfect, and often there is friction. Still, you both hang in and eventually marry or at least into a long-term relationship.

Soon you become parents, and the life you dreamed of having is nothing like your life. All too often, it comes to an end with bitterness and divorce. You wonder how did it all go so wrong?

I have just described a relationship by default.

There was no plan or a clear understanding of what you wanted in a relationship, and the chips fell where they did.

You didn’t know what you wanted, and you got nothing that you thought it would be.


How to know what you want and see what you are looking for.

No more default relationships. Let’s change all that right now. Knowing very specifically what you want in a guy is crucial.

Get out paper and pencil and describe the ideal man and relationship you want. Describe what your ideal man looks like physically.

Get as detailed as you can. What’s his style? Is he shorts and flip flops kind of guy, or is he a suit, white shirt, and tie guy?

What is his fitness level? Do you like them fit and trim? Or maybe that doesn’t matter to you


What are his Personality Traits?

List all you’d want your guy to possess—a sense of humor, intelligence, confidence, etc. Keep going, and list everything important to you that you want your ideal man to be.


 What are his Skills?

Is he romantic? Is he a good listener? Is he good in bed? Can he rock a tool belt, or do you prefer a tech geek? What is his earning potential? Does he help with the housework?


What are his Top Characteristics?

Is he faithful? Is he dependable? Is he kind? Does he have integrity?

Spend as much time on this exercise as you’d like. Describe the lifestyle and the relationship that would be your ideal.


Knowing what you’re looking for is critical. It’s the first step the women I coach start with, so we know exactly what we’re looking for.


Be great to your magnificent self,
Coach Marlene

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