What is Mindset

6 Ways to Change Your Mindset

By Marlene Wagner



What exactly is “Mindset”? You see, this term is thrown around in numerous ways, often referred to as changing your mindset.

Motivational speakers give entire lectures on changing your mindset. Coaches and therapists tell you to change your mindset.

But I have yet to learn anyone defining the term mindset. What is the definition of mindset?

I have never seen simple, understandable definitions of the word and never heard anyone telling you how to change a mindset.

I’m of the school of breaking down information into the simplest form a two-year-old would understand.

When I’m given information on something I do not understand, I ask to have it explained to me on a two-year-old’s level of comprehension.  


What is a Mindset

Mindset is nothing more than the thoughts we think at any given time. If you are happy, you have an optimistic mindset.

If you are fearful, your mindset is thinking of what you fear. If you are generally a positive person, you have a positive attitude.

If you’re a negative thinker, you have a negative mindset.

So, a mindset is how you think and the thoughts running through your mind when you’re reacting to situations in your life.

Therefore, changing a mindset is changing your thoughts about a situation you are reacting to.

So, to change your mindset, you must change your thoughts. 

Now, I will take this a step further. Our thoughts are energy, and this energy extends out into the universe.

Our minds are self-fulfilling prophecies. This energy is magnetic and will continue to draw back to us what we think about.

If we think good thoughts, good come back. If we consider ourselves abundant and prosperous, our needs will always be met and then some.

The same would be true if our thoughts focused on lack and limitations. We’ll always feel poor and struggle financially.


Are You a Positive or Negative Thinker

You are responsible for everything in your life, including your behavior.

When life deals you a terrible hand of cards and things look bleak, remember you are not a victim.

In that regard, you shouldn’t act like one and look for others to blame.

Telling yourself and others that life is unfair will only increase what you are getting now.

Remember, the mind is a self-fulfilling prophecy and will always bring proof that you are correct.

So instead, take responsibility and tell yourself that things happen and you will deal with it in a positive way and learn from the situation.

I call these life lessons. We are here on this earth to learn and grow into our best selves.


Use the Power of Positive Thinking to Transform Your Life

End your night and start your day focusing on your thought. Some use positive sayings or affirmations. Whatever works for you.

I like best checking in on your thoughts or what you’ve been thinking the most about.

Are they good feelings and thoughts? If not, what could you change your thoughts to think that you would feel better?


Always look for good or better-feeling thoughts. 

Now do the same in the morning to start your day. In the morning, take time to tell yourself that you are amazing.

Smile at yourself as you look into the mirror when you first get up. Smile whenever you see yourself in a mirror or reflection throughout the day.

Never miss an opportunity to give yourself acknowledgments. High-five yourself in the mirror. 

Pat yourself on the back, well, your shoulders if you can’t reach your back. Hug yourself.

Never miss an opportunity to tell yourself how beautiful you are and throw yourself a kiss.

The first thing I do every morning is smile in the mirror before peeing, and we all know how urgent that is!

It would be best if you spent time with positive people. Make it a point to observe the behavior of people you are around.

Are they upbeat, or are Debbie downers always seeing the worst in everything?

Always look for ways to add positive people to your life, significantly benefiting your positive mindset.

Seeing a broad smile on a person’s face, even a total stranger, will give you a boost of “happy Juice.”

Start looking today for any chance you have to be a smile maker.


Simple Habits to Grow a Positive Attitude

Attitude is nothing more than a mindset. The good thing about your attitude is you can change it at any time year-round and forever.

Start laughing at the problems life throws your way.

Life isn’t going to stop, and you shouldn’t let it break you.

If you laugh when adversity strikes, it will strike less because you are no longer a magnet for it.

Other people’s negativity must bounce off you instead of being absorbed.

Put up a shield of positivity and reject the words and scornful looks of others. Smile.

Never give up on anything when life tries to kick you in the teeth.

Always get right back up when knocked down and understand it will happen.


It is how you respond in life to a crisis that determines your mindset.

If you heave a big sigh and think life is unfair, the universe will respond and give you more of the same.

You attract what you put out, and if you show the universe, you are not a quitter, you will face far fewer issues.

Be a “the glass is half full instead of half empty” type of person.

Optimism about how life is will be a boon to your mindset.

You must be optimistic that you will succeed rather than thinking you will likely fail.

A positive person will roll out of bed; even if they are late, they will not start their day with a negative overtone.

They will acknowledge it happened and move forward with energy.

The negative person will grumble and start rushing around, making mistakes, and telling themselves that this day will suck.

Positive people experience intense emotions but have strategies to flip a negative emotion to a positive one quickly.

Your mindset is everything; it does not matter if you are overweight, shy, or confined to a bed.

Build your mind, and with your positive mindset, you can still find ways to transform your life.


Why Positive Thinking Can Boost Physical Health

Stress affects a considerable part of the population.

Many people ignore stress and tend to focus more on possible heart attacks or strokes.

It’s a significant mistake in their thinking. Stress is the cornerstone of poor mental health, chronic pain, and disease that can be life-ending.

The famous Mayo clinic has stated that positive thinking can significantly reduce stress and that the first step is to end negative self-talk.

The negative self-talk in their head becomes an endless loop of, “I’m no good, I hate myself, the world is against me, what chance do I have?”

When a person thinks in such a way, they find it hard to cope with anything life directs towards them.

Stress and depression can lead to people making unhealthy choices like smoking, overdrinking, and choosing poor food to comfort themselves.

The clinic found that positive thinking leads to excellent heart health. Positive thinking is an anti-aging device you can invest in.

Those who live stress-free and relatively simple life tend to live much longer.


Vigilance and Dedication get Results

I will leave you with this final thought.

Changing your thought process will require work.

It requires consistent and vigilant monitoring of your thoughts. But I promise it will pay dividends.

A piece of paper lined down the center worked best for me. The left column was a negative thought.

The right column is the opposite and positive replacement thought.

Do this until it becomes habitual to monitor your thoughts, and in time flipping the switch becomes very easy.

And now, hopefully, you’ll know precisely what is meant when you hear or read something about changing your mindset.

I have as-needed coaching available, and if this would be something you’d be interested in, contact me for a free one-hour discovery call.

If you have any particular challenges, let me know. I’ll include it in my content.

Starting today, make yourself a priority and begin living your best life. 

But before we go, always remember to

Be true to your magnificent self,
Coach Marlene

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